What's this all about?

For starters, we think it feels good to learn stuff.

That doesn’t necessarily mean learning the way you did in high school. You could learn something from a podcast interview with an expert on your drive to work. Or you could watch a great TED talk. Or you could do an online class in 15 minute chunks.

Plus, we believe everyone has something to share.

Self-taught enthusiast? Expert who dedicated her life to a subject? Someone who frequently goes down YouTube holes? We bet all these people could put together a really great list of links that someone out there will find helpful.

Learnlistt makes it easy to collect great links and share them in a pretty format.

This way, friends or colleagues can learn from each others' most helpful resources. Mentors can stop typing that same email over and over and instead send a Learnlistt. Someone who taught themself a skill can share what's really helpful with those just starting out. And maybe—just maybe—it'll save learners time and energy scouring the internet for their next great video, podcast episode, course, article...

What's with the two t's?

Well we wanted to spell it the normal human way with one t, but learnlist.com is taken. If anyone knows how to go about getting that without breaking the bank, hit us up.

Okay but who are you?

Connor Russo and Laura Marelic met at Northeastern University when Laura started a student-led design agency that Connor joined. They loved building a team (life lesson #1), and decided to start their own company after graduating in 2016.

The company was Cookin, and it made meal plans to help beginners grocery shop and cook meals that used up all the ingredients. Unfortunately the company didn’t have any real business plan (life lesson #2) or programmer (life lesson #3) so it shut its doors after an interview with (read: rejection from) YCombinator.

What followed was a 10-month-long existential crisis while living in Connor’s parents’ basement. Our friends kindly refer to this period as our “wellness retreat” since all we did was consume self-help and wonder how Cookin could go so wrong (life lessons #4-50).

Eventually we crawled out of the trough of sorrow and into our next venture, Loco Studio, which helps all sorts of businesses with design and tech needs. The studio did well! We moved to Berlin for a year! We learned a lot about app design, marketing and (finally) coding!

So here we are at Learnlistt. Our first real attempt at making software from scratch, without startup funding or reliance on free work from friends and family.

What’s the goal? To make something useful and enjoyable. And personally, we want to improve our product iteration skills... so we'd love to hear any feedback you have! Chat us from the homepage or email laura@learnlistt.com 😎